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250 Years of Combined Experience in

Ground Improvement

Powerbetter was established in the UK in 1988, specialising initially in the stabilisation, modification and general improvement of subsoils, as a contractor based in the civil engineering and construction industries. 

Since, 2016, Powerbetter has organically grown into a combined ground improvement soil solutions company, where specialist applications are adopted within our design and validation capabilities along with the core services of Powerbetter’s well established and experienced soil stabilisation, modification and solidification techniques.  


Specialty ground improvement applications, 3m - 8m deep, include a variety of impact compaction techniques

  • Polygon Compaction Roller (PCR-23T)
  • Rolling Dynamic Compaction (RDC-12T/14T)
  • Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC-9T)
  • Dynamic Compaction (DC-12T)
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Team...Powerbetter Expertise

Des Ferguson

Managing Director

Chris Ferguson

Technical Director

(Soil Stabilisation & Solidification)

Dermot Kelly

Technical Director

(Deep Ground Improvement)

Paul Robinson

Commercial Manager

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Marie Barnes

Office & Administration Manager

Martin Carney

Construction Manager


Ivan Garcia Lopez

Surveying Manager

Richard Ferguson

Plant Manager

How...Powerbetter Strengths

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Capability...Powerbetter Soil Solutions

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Do you have a project? 

Family...Powerbetter Management

We are a family owned business, which enables the Company to be managed in an effective way.  Within a clear control framework, local managers have autonomy in running projects, whilst working together to share best practice and expertise around the Company, seek synergies and cost savings, improve performance and achieve economies of scale wherever possible.  


There are many regular forums for working together across the Company, from the Directors, Technical and Project Management to various functional working teams.  We believe that this structure allows us to combine the ‘best of being capable’ with the ‘best of being national’, striking the optimal balance between encouraging initiative and entrepreneurial spirit and working together, where to do so benefits the Company as a whole.

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